Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Taxpayers Money...

We attended the '2013 Celebrate Markham Grants Allocation' meeting on Monday. Following are some comments:

- Clarkson Cup, held this past weekend, 'partnership' dollars were questioned. Committee members asked where the money for this came from, how much was given, and why they were not advised.

  • Brenda Librez said the funds came from the recreation operating budget -- $10,000 
  • Brenda didn't mention the no-charge ice time of approx $4,000-5,000, or the cost of table/s for the Awards Night...
  • it appears that some councillors were unaware of this amount of funding.
- Mayor's Office has their own funding... this was questioned by some of the councillors...

- A councillor stated that there is a 'back-door'way to get funding/additional funding. Apparently, a letter to the mayor is all that is required for table sponsorship.

- Councillors were unaware of how many requests are made or funds provided for a variety of special interest groups. Staff is to report back on the dollars given to these groups.

- Council voted to keep the 2013 recommendation report, as there were not enough funds available for the increases that were requested.
- 2013 Grants Allocation Budget was approved pending final vote at the next Council meeting.

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