Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photo op...

Dear Mayor and councillors,

I wonder if someone can explain something for me, please.

Some time ago, when you and members of council were pressed to explain the financial impact of the GTA Center on our property taxes we were told,

        "While Markham knows that its maximum contribution to the project is capped  
        at$162.5 million there is no guarantee that property taxes will not increase, since   
        funding sources to service the debt ARE NOT GUARANTEED."

This quote was also used in an article from yourself in the Economist and Sun. 

That being said, why are we once again seeing in print the incorrect and MISLEADING statement: "No property tax increase for Markham residents" ? How can it work both ways? Am I missing something??

I respectfully await your explanation(s) on this matter.

P.S. Very clever backdrop for photo.

Marg Ferguson, Ward 4

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