Thursday, June 13, 2013

Renaming Hwy 7 to International Letter June 10, 2013 by Elisabeth Tan

The following letter was e-mailed to York Region and Markham Council:

Since the renaming of Highway 7 has been a somewhat hot topic recently, I feel that many Markham residents would like Highway 7 to remain the same.
Some of the reasons are:
- Costs to business owners and Municipalities.
- Confusion for road users, especially when the new name will not be adopted outside York Region.
- The volume of traffic remains the same (it is a highway volume).
- Speed changes/streetscape along 7 should not warrant a change name.

The money, designated for this name change, could be used for improving safety for cyclists/pedestrians when using this major arterial road. 

FYI, this morning was the official opening of the Sherbourne cycle track: Toronto's first dedicate bike lanes on Sherbourne start of bigger network . It is my hope, we will have an official opening of our first dedicated bike lane on Highway 7 in the near future:)

Best Regards,

Elisabeth Tan

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